Poem of Greenville Mountains in Maine
by John Hall

Mountains are Pretty
When the Sun Goes Down
The mountains are beautiful round you.
When I take a picture,
It looks like elephants lying down

When you see the Sun come up on the mountain across the lakeside
it looks nice,
when the birds fly toward it.
The birds sound like they are singing
to the sunrise on the mountainside.

with special thanks to poet/mentor, Martin Steingesser

TV SHOW Episode 4 is now online!:


Okay, it's official!

TV SHOW Episode 4 will be shown at SPACE Gallery on February 28th.
You can click HERE to see the trailer, and click HERE to RSVP on Facebook.

Our last screening sold out, so get your tickets early!!
You can order them directly through the SPACE website.

Happy New Year, TV SHOW fans!

All of the TV SHOW producers at Bomb Diggity Arts would like to introduce you to a few of the Backers who contributed to the TV SHOW Kickstarter campaign back in October. These are just a few examples of folks like yourself who help to make TV SHOW possible:

TV SHOW producers at Shoot Media Project and Bomb Diggity Arts have been working tirelessly, and we are proud to announce the official screening of episode 4.
We hope to see you all at SPACE Gallery on February 28th!


Last week, Bomb Diggity bought a new video camera, and it's pretty fancy.
It looks like this.

The TV SHOW crew is already putting the new camera to good use, and let's just say that the next episode of TV SHOW is going to involve some familiar characters, with a twist. Stay tuned!


On Halloween, Bomb Diggity Arts Program wrapped up a Kickstarter fundraising campaign. Thanks to major support from TV SHOW fans, we raised $2725 to produce episode 4!

To celebrate, we walked through town in full costume, eating vampire cookies, and spooking folks on the sidewalk. Then, we returned to the art studio to work on buying some new video equipment.

For the whole month of October, Bomb Diggity Arts Program is raising money on Kickstarter.com, to fund the purchase of a new video camera and some much-needed editing software. So far, TV SHOW fans have contributed almost a thousand dollars! Once the fundraising goal is reached, we'll all be ready to produce episode 4 of TV SHOW!

Would you like to join the Bomb Diggity Street Team?
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Go, team!
And, thanks.